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2、�Mega War - Clash of Legions(Mod Menu)Capcom is creating a "Mobile Business Division", dedicated in creating new mobile games for Japan but also worldwide.This unit will be create new games based on well-known IPs.Before March 31, 2017 Capcom plans to release at least four games based on IPs like "Monster Hunter", "Sengoku BASARA", and "Mega Man".This comes right after the announcement of Sony's newly created studio dedicated to mobile games and it's certainly looking like an exciting future for mobile gamers.[Source]

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2、We first heard about The Collage Atlas three weeks ago when it was first announced that it would be heading to Apple Arcade. Today it has been revealed that this gorgeous first-person adventure and puzzle game will be arriving on Apple's subscription service this Friday.It comes from solo developer John William Evelyn and will see players embarking on a first-person adventure that looks to explore topics such as humanity, memory and hope. They'll find themselves wandering through a dreamlike world where the environment reacts to their movements.�

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