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Bomb-o-cracker has released his Nitrome-inspired tiny puzzle adventure Shifter! on iOS.We had a look at this game a couple of weeks ago after it caught our eye for being cute. But as we soon learned after trying out the browser version its looks aren't indicative of its difficulty. It's a tough little bugger.There are 24 levels in which you have to guide the little pixel explorer to the ancient heads (the exit in each level). To do that you need to activate strange mechanisms using items around the level.But the main mechanic in Shifter! is the ability to literally shift parts of the level around.By splaying two fingers across the screen an overlay will turn the 2D world into a grid. At this point you can drag and drop the squares to rearrange the world.You have to figure out where the explorer needs to be placed and what order the parts of the level should be in order to complete it.You can give it a go by purchasing Shifter! for 79p / 99c on the App Store right now. It should hopefully be heading to Android soon as well..

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com.sigmateam.gta sa lite adreno

小小海盗大冒险(试玩版)(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.0.0.19):

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