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If you've been following us or have been an avid mobile gamer for years now, you'll probably know that iTunes Connect goes into hibernation for a week around Christmas. This year it's happening from December 23rd to December 27th, but the world isn't going to end. Don't worry.You might be new to the term iTunes Connect, but as a consumer it won't effect you in the least. To give its employees a nice little chunk of holiday each year Apple shuts down iTunes Connect for about a week, meaning no new apps or games can be uploaded or processed.This is especially important for developers and publishers as everything will be static until it comes back online. So, any last minute updates or holiday season sales will locked in until everyone's back from their xmas dinner comas.Last year we saw an astonishingly massive amount of sales going on - 105 to be precise - which was fantastic for you guys, but terrible for my poor ol' wrists as I wrote them up. So, pop the date in your diaries and don't leave it to the last minute if you want to tweak your games, eh?.

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