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<p>Old School Musical is making its way to both iOS and Android on December 10th as Old School School Musical Pocket Edition. But if that seems too long to wait for some rhythm-based action, there's good news for Android users as they'll be able to play the game in Early Access right now.</p><p>Old School Musical originally released on Steam and Nintendo Switch where it's been received reasonably well since launch. You play as Tib and Rob who are heading off on an adventure through the Chicken Republic, which means you'll have to do battle with a lot of poultry.</p><p>Each scuffle with these feathery delinquents will be a rhythm-based tussle. Our two heroes will stand on one side of the screen and waggle their swords at the chickens who stand on the other end. Meanwhile, you'll be hitting the corresponding buttons in time to the music, nailing a good enough percentage of them will fell the fowl and allow you to press on.</p>.

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Labo Brick Train Build Game For Kids & Toodlers(APK v2.0.1.17):

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