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<p>Dumb Ways to Die 2 got a hefty update yesterday that adds, yes, more dumb ways to die. But there's more to it than that, too.</p><p>First of all, a fourth arena has been added and is apparently the "most extreme yet." It's called Adrenaland and includes Zoo Parkour, Volcano Climbing, and Wing Walking (you know, on an aeroplane).</p><p>Also included is: Anvil Breaking, Risky Ramp Assembly, Unsafe Bungee, Tsunami Surfing, and No Parachute Jump.</p><p>Right, I said there was more than that and I wasn't lying. Dumb Ways to Die 2 now has a multiplayer battle mode. Oh yes.</p><p>It's the best out of five rounds in these multiplayer battles. See who can die the dumbest. And you can set notifications for when it's your turn, too.</p>.

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